Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For Irwin and Susan

I don’t usually title my blog posts with a dedication, but it feels right to me right now.

I’ve just finished watching the President's news conference on CSPAN.  (Remember when I wrote about listening to more than just the sound bites?  Well, I’ve taken that lesson to heart.)

I’m not going to write a lot today.  I’m simply going to ask that you take 15 minutes and watch two parts of the news conference:

  • the opening remarks (about 10 minutes long), and
  • the President’s riff about leadership (about 3 minutes, beginning 57 minutes in).

Just click this link, begin playing the clip, and after listening to the opening 10 minutes, move the slider below the video window until the time indicator says 57.00 and listen for 3 minutes more.

Tonight’s TV and cable news and tomorrow’s papers, will deconstruct and pick-apart the President’s words, and that’s fine.  But given the angst so many of you have been feeling lately, do yourself a favor.  Listen to the President ... then let me know your reaction.


  1. Sparker, excellent post. People certainly must hear Obama for themselves. It is too bad that it was delivered during the day. THANK YOU.

  2. I watched part of the president's talk today but missed the beginning so I enjoyed listening for the first 10
    I couldn't connect with the last 10 min., though. I clicked at 57 but it should stayed there and Obama kept talking where I'd left off.
    Any, I felt very proud of Obama - his presentation was clear and to the point. Despite the opposition, and the terrible things they say about him, I find him brilliant, full of grace in the face of opposition. I'm also very tired. I did imagine as I watched him, how Michelle Bachman might be handling a press conference. OMG!!